SoSTrades platform installation

This section is dedicated to install locally either SoSTrades platform or SoSTrades as a library.

Feedback is a gift: please note that these installation procedures are still in beta phase. You can contribute to this documentation, give feedbacks and raise an github issue.

Please note that supported operating systems are standard Linux-based systems, macOS systems, and Windows.

1. Choose your installation

Depending on your needs, different environment installations are proposed. A common setup is mandatory whatever the installation you need to perform.

Please consult the diagram below to determine which paragraph you should read.

2. Common Setup

The objective of this section is to get the environment and all folders properly organized on your local computer to start the installation.

2.2 Setup prerequisites

2.2.1 Common prerequisites

python version 3.9.x

During this installation, you can change the python command and replace it by the full path to the correct python executable (3.9.x)

2.2.2 Linux Installation

This installation is on beta phase. Do not hesitate to contribute to this documentation, give feedbacks and raise an github issue.

The install on Linux operating system should work if you are following sections 3. Local Model Development Env Installation and 4. Local Docker Env Installation.

Some specific pre-requisites are needed:

sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev build-essential libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev python-dev-is-python3 libssl-dev

2.2.3 Mac OS Installation

Please note that install has been tested on personal Mac OS laptops, but could be different depending on the MacOS version used. Do not hesitate to contribute to this documentation, give feedbacks and raise an github issue.

The install on Mac OS operating system should work if you are following sections 3. Local Model Development Env Installation and 4. Local Docker Env Installation.

Also, please install the prerequisites listed in Linux installation (libmysqlclient-dev build-essential libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev python-dev-is-python3 libssl-dev)

2.3 Clone code and tools

All development environments are built from a dedicated directory initiated with this repository. This directory will be used as root and will contains all the others necessary repositories from OS-Climate. This root directory contains VSCode tasks and launch docker-compose files. This allows to launch SoStrades in docker containers and to debug webapi servers directly from thus container in VS Code. From the repository a script is available to clone all the repositories to prepare the development environment.

  1. Clone this repository in root directory

git clone
(For SSH : git clone
cd sostrades-dev-tools
  1. If needed configure model repositories : edit the model_repositories.json and platform_repositories.json according to what repositories you want. The provided model_repositories.json file includes the WITNESS model repositories :

        "url": "",
        "branch": "validation"
        "url": "",
        "branch": "validation"
  1. Launch the PrepareDevEnv script This script will prepare the local working directory as follow :

├── sostrades-dev-tools
│   ├── dockers
│   │   └── docker related files
│   ├── docs
│   ├── scripts
│   ├── models
│   │   ├── witness-core
│   │   ├── witness-energy
│   │   └── Other model repositories
│   ├── platform
│   │   ├── gemseo
│   │   ├── sostrades-core
│   │   ├── sostrades-webapi
│   │   ├── sostrades-webgui
│   │   └── sostrades-ontology
└── other files...
python scripts/

3. Local Model Development Env Installation

The objective is to have a working local dev environment based on a venv, with pre-configured VS-CODE workspace to be able to run code and debug. Other IDE may be used but should be configured properly.

3.1 Prerequisites

Follow common setup section

3.2 Prepare venv

python scripts/

3.3 Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

VSCode settings have been written in dedicated files during execution of PrepareDevEnv (in a previous step).

In order to benefit from VSCode settings, type the following command in the sostrades-dev-tools directory, at the same level than the ./vscode (hidden) folder (or models/ and platform/ visible directories) :

code . &

3.4 Use venv in VS code

In VS Code, use keys windows + shift + p to open command panel, search for “Python: Select Interpreter”

Select “Python 3.9.x (“.venv”)

Now you can launch any SoSTrades code from VSCode.

3.5 Run venv

To run .venv with all requirements installed, run the following command from your sostrade-dev-tools folder:


To exit the venv just use this command


4. Local Docker Env Installation

You are a developer and need a local platform running on docker.

4.1 Prerequisites

Follow common setup section

The installation procedure is provided for Linux based environments. For Windows users, we recommend the use Ubuntu through Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as described below.

4.1.1 (Optional : Windows users only) WSL and/or Ubuntu installation

  1. Install WSL2 if using Windows

wsl --install --web-download
  1. Install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

On Windows with WSL2

wsl --install -d Ubuntu-22.04

As an alternative You may use directly Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or an equivalent, in this case you may have to make some changes on you own.

  1. Launch Ubuntu

4.1.2 (Optional : Windows users only) Docker installation on WSL

  • Docker 24.0.4 installed and running with your account (on Ubuntu)

  • Docker compose 2.17.2 installed (on Ubuntu)

  1. Try running “docker” and “docker compose” to see if command is recognized

docker version
docker compose version
docker ps

If this commands are not working fix docker and docker-compose installation before continuing.

4.1.3 Docker installation tips

Recipe for docker installation is Recipe for docker-compose installation is

A few useful commands :

  • sudo usermod -aG docker ${USER} to add user to docker group

  • sudo service docker start to start docker service

  • sudo service docker status to check docker status

  • If docker sercice stops after a few seconds, check ip tables

sudo update-alternatives --config iptables
(choose 1 legacy uptables)
sudo service docker stop
sudo service docker start

4.2 Prepare development environment with docker

All the commands below need to be done from the root directory.

  1. Build all docker images

docker compose build

4.3 Start and play with your SoSTrades GUI

Here all commands needed to play with the image built are listed :

  • First start of your local GUI instance

docker compose up

Wait some minutes

Go to with your web browser and connect with the following credentials :

login : user

password : mdp

  • Stop the instance

docker compose stop
  • Restart the instance

docker compose start
  • Clean the instance (if errors)

docker compose down
  • Start the application with debug mode

docker compose -f docker-compose.debug.yml up

If using VSCode you will find 4 debug profiles :

  • Remote attach main

  • Remote attach message

  • Remote attach post processing

  • Remote attach data

After having launched each debug profile your application should be available on and you will be able to debug it directly running in the container and from VSCode. All debug profiles must be started since flask api are waiting for debug connection to continue. Then without debug connections platform won’t be responding.

5. Local platform without docker (Windows only)

It is possible to run SoSTrades on Windows without installing docker by running some scripts. It is recommended to follow step by step the installation below, because if you skip a script the next one may not work properly. Every script is stored in the folder sostrades-dev-tools\scripts\

5.1 Prerequisites

The repository sostrades-dev-tools and all scripts need the following prerequisites:

5.1.1 Install MySQL

The SoSTrades Graphical User Interface needs a dedicated database with two tables “sostrades-data” and “sostrades-log”. First download mysql-installer-community. Launch “mysql-installer-community-” from the previous file downloaded. If you have the following screen it means you already have some product of MySQL, check if your MySQL Server can be upgraded to the version MySQL Server 5.7.44.

If you never installed any MySQL products you will get this screen. Click on Add button and select MySQL Server 5.7.44 - x 64 you can also add MySQL WorkBench if you need to visualise the future database.

If you can not find MySQL 5.7, click on “Edit” and change the filter of “Maturity” field to “Other Releases”.

Once the MySQL Server is selected click on Next then execute on the next screen. Let everything by default until to get the screen asking you to enter the password. Enter you password twice and click next to complete all the installation of MySQL.

Store wisely the password of root user. It will be asked later for the SoSTrades install.

5.2 Run install scripts

First follow sections:

Then run to create folder and files needed to run SoSTrades:

python scripts\

Then run to install NVS with the good version of Node at the end of the script it will ask you if you want to build the webgui:

python scripts\ 

Then run script is to modify the .flaskenv file with your SQL credentials (user=root and the password is the same in the MySQL installation section):

python scripts\

To create “sostrades-data” and “sostrades-log” tables run

python scripts\

To create an user to access to SoSTrades platform run

python scripts\

If you want to update Ontology execute the script This script could take more than 15mn it depends on the number of repository you have.

python scripts\

5.3 Start SoSTrades platform

Finally run the script to launch SoSTrades :

python scripts\

When the last script is running you can go to http://localhost:4200 with your web browser and connect with your credentials just created before.

5.4 Pull repositories

If you need to pull all your repositories (both platform and models) you can execute the script :

python scripts\

6. Scripts explanation

  • : script to download all model repositories from model_repositories.json and platform repositories from platform_repositories.json with git clone command. Repositories are cloned in sostrades-dev-tool\models and sostrades-dev-tool\platform. The script also creates a sostrades-dev-tools\.vscode\setting.json file with extraPaths according to the repository cloned,

  • script to install a venv in the folder sostrades-dev-tools\.venv\ with the python 3.9 and install all requirements of SoSTrades,

  • script to create files and folders needed by SoSTrades

  • sostrades-dev-tools\platform\sostrades-webapi\sos_trades_api\configuration_template\configuration.json

  • sostrades-dev-tools\platform\sostrades-webapi\.flaskenv




  • C:\TEMP\SOSTRADES\RSA\private_key.pem

  • C:\TEMP\SOSTRADES\RSA\public_key.pem

  • script to install a NVS (Node Version Switcher) and also install a version of Node with NVS. In addition it is possible to build sostrades-webgui

  • script to modify the values SQL_ACCOUNT, SQL_PASSWORD, LOG_USER, LOG_PASSWORD in the file sostrades-dev-tools\platform\sostrades-webapi\.flaskenv

  • : script that creates sostrades-data and sostrades-log tables in database needed for the API.

  • : script that creates an user in SoSTrades with the command flask create_standard_user. When the user is created, a password is temporarily saved in sostrades-dev-tools\platform\sostrades-webapi\sos_trades_api\secret\*. Once stored, the password has to be deleted. Some SoSTrades app rights are granted in the database.

  • script will execute with your .venv the command python sos_ontology\core\script\createSoSOntologyFromCode.pyin sostrades-ontology folder to update ontology with all your repositories

  • : script that run api server, ontology server, and webgui server with venv and node

  • : script for a direct full install. Execute like python scripts\